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Adrian C. Dumitru, M.D.

Pain and Health Management

Adrian C. Dumitru, M.D., began his 27-year journey toward mastering the complexities of pain management by becoming an anesthesiologist. In pain management, a field where everyone from family therapists to general practitioners often participate, Dumitru saw the need for a physician with his particular expertise to oversee a multi-disciplinary approach. Anesthesiology, after all, is one of the ultimate forms of pain management.


Today a recognized expert in this relatively new field, Dr. Dumitru sums up his philosophy of practice as follows: “My patient comes first; everything evolves from that.” This doctor takes particular pride in personally attending each patient, learning firsthand their lifestyles, aspirations and needs.


“I see all patients myself,” he stresses. “Not a physician’s assistant (PA), not a nurse practitioner (NP) — me. It’s how I feel about my practice, about one-on-one care. I take my time and make the individual patient an intricate part of his or her own treatment process.” Sometimes a patient’s relationship with Dr. Dumitru is short-term, for instance, in the case of an acute sports injury or other accident where the pain simply requires management during a finite healing process. But chronic pain with a complex and/or intractable underlying condition requires ongoing maintenance.
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