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Achieving Pain Relief Without Drugs

When chronic pain sets in, most people immediately look in their medicine cabinet or rush to the drugstore. Although, medication usually offers temporary pain management relief, it’s not going to stop the pain or cure what’s causing it. Fortunately, there are many other approaches available that can provide you with better pain management strategies.


There’s a wide variety of meditation practices; some are complex and involve imagery and mantras, while others …

Noninvasive Pain Management Techniques

Research is continually being conducted to help decipher which pain management therapies are the most effective. Patients are always advised to consult their physician regarding questions about specific programs, so we will review some of the most widely available methods here.

The most widely used classes of pain management are:

Noninvasive, non-drug pain management
Noninvasive pharmacologic pain management
Invasive pain management

Noninvasive Non-Drug Pain Management

Exercise is one of the most …

  • Posted: November 2, 2015
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