Treatment of Spasticity

Treatment of Spasticity

In addition to other medication and physical therapy, Botox may be injected directly into muscles to treat spasticity, a muscle control disorder that is characterized by tight or stiff muscles and an inability to control those muscles.

During the Procedure

Using Ultrasound for guidance, Botox is injected directly into the muscles that are tight. If more than one muscle is tight, then more than one injection is given. Larger muscles may require more than one injection. The time needed for the procedure and recovery in the office depends on the number of muscles to be treated.
Discomfort is minimal and the patient can usually drive themselves home. Normal activity may be resumed the next day.

Typical Outcomes

Gradual relaxation of the muscles begins one to three days after the injection. Effects are strongest at about two to four weeks and wear off in about three to six months. This means that the treatment may need to be repeated, sometimes as often as every three months.